Overnight camping will be permitted for tents or single axle pop-ups or trailers. Sorry, No motorhomes!

- All camping is on a first come basis. No reservations anytime. Check in building is located between site #6 & 7. Fill out forms and pay appropriate cost immediately before setting up camp.

- Camping is permitted in designated areas only Tuesday night through Saturday night. Sunday night camping is not permitted, with the exception of Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends. Monday nights will not be permitted at all.

- The permit charge is $10.00/night per site.  Site #1 charge is $20.00/night. Guests must be accompanied by a member at all times. 

- There is no electricity at campsites. Electricity may be “borrowed” from the nearest pavilion, provided no one is using the pavilion at the time. Campers are not permitted to set up and use the pavilions as part of camping. Campers must unplug or share if pavilion is occupied. All cords must be unplugged if not in use! Electricity may ONLY be temporarily used for small appliances. No refrigerators or AC. Generators are not permitted.

- One family membership per permit. Maximum 3 tents and 8 occupants per site. Only site #1 will accommodate 6 tents and 16 occupants. 

- Check-in any time but immediately before setting up camp, except Tuesday, check-in starts at 2pm.
Check-out is at 2pm.

- Campfires must be made ONLY in the fire rings provided. Do Not throw cans, glass or plastic in fire rings.

- Campers must park in the parking areas adjacent to the camp area.  No cars are to be parked in the camp areas or pavilions. Do not park beyond the site # post. Vehicles should be no more than one car length in from the road. Bumper near edge of road.

- Firewood is not provided however, available firewood is located near site #10 and most needs cut.
No chainsaws.



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